General Knowledge Question In 32 Category

  1. General knowledge plays a key role in the overall growth of Government jobs. General knowledge may or may not be directly reflected in the academic scores, but it will help to develop their personality as a whole. We also note that people with good general knowledge tend to have stronger IQs as well. Keep reading the books, surfing on the net for various questions is one of the best ways to develop general knowledge.
  2. Everyone wants to excel in their career and life. Excelling in a career doesn’t just mean excelling in academics. One needs to know his environment and current affairs. The level of IQ and skills required for his life are enhanced by general knowledge. Nowadays, all the competitive exams have a separate section on general knowledge of around 20 marks. It helps to judge the knowledge of the applicant apart from studies. Few exams have made it compulsory to pass this test and then continue for the next exams. So one has to try to give some of their time to enrich their general knowledge skills.
  3. We have to struggle nowadays to make students read a book, but instead, if the same thing is available on computers or mobile devices children get attracted. In the overall growth of a student, BYJU’ S General Knowledge questions and answers are very beneficial. This page has various questions along with the answers covering every aspect and concept. 

The subjects covered in these questions are:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • General Science
  • Countries
  • Presidents of various countries
  • National symbols, parks, etc.
  • Sports
  • Health
  • Current affairs

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