Microsoft will soon launch a new version of Windows operating system

Microsoft may soon launch a newer version of its Windows operating system. On the first day of the Build Developer Conference 2021 on Tuesday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company would soon bring the next generation version of the Windows operating system. This new version will also see some special updates. However he did not give any other information about this.

“We are going to do some big updates for our Windows operating system,” Nadella said in an address during the Virtual Developers Conference. These will be the most important changes since the last decade and we will share them with you soon. Our goal is to provide better economic opportunities for developers and creators.

He also said, “We promise, we will try to give more opportunities to all Windows developers. It also provides a platform for creators working on innovations to create and promote new applications. We’ll share more information with you shortly. “

Microsoft has been working on its new Windows App Store for the past few months. Along with this, some important changes are also being worked on in the user interface of the operating system. Developers will also be able to create their own apps in this App Store. This includes browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Apart from this users can find the Windows95 icon in the new operating system.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015

Microsoft launched its Windows10 operating system in 2015. The operating system operates in split mode and the company introduced Microsoft Action Center, installed apps notifications as well as many security related items. Windows10 works on many devices like mobile, tablet, personal computer.

It took great care to keep your data safe, for which Microsoft has added a ‘Windows Hello’ feature. With this, you can make your fingerprint your password. It is expected that many special changes will be seen in the next generation version.

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